Spring You Seed, Summer You Weed

The temperatures have warmed up a bit and it’s time to get the garden ready for breakfast guests. We have several kinds of berries in the garden that we use when making our breakfast. Strawberries come first, then raspberries, followed by Marion berries and blueberries.

There’s some prep to get the strawberries going and we spend several hours removing the dead leaves from last year and this year we transplanted them to their new home for the next three years. We place them in a raised bed because we found as we get older bending over to pick them isn’t as easy as it use to be. Tom is very handy with tools so he built us these very nice raised beds and our bodies are loving his woodworking skills. 



Rhubarb is one of the first fruits of our labor ready in the garden. Rhubarb coffee cake and muffins always go over well but rhubarb pie is the winner.  




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