Perfect Spring Day on Lake Union

Any excuse to go play, you can count us in. We had some dear friends from Olympia Washington visit us for a day recently so we rented a boat on Lake Union, just a stones throw from downtown Seattle and the Space Needle.

photoThe Electric Boat Company rents out the cutest boats just perfect for four but can accommodate up to ten people. They have canvas roofs and clear vinyl walls that you can zip open and roll up when the weather is nice, like the day we visited. If the wind comes up or that occasional rain that Seattle is know for arrives, just unroll the vinyl and zip it up and you stay warm and dry but can still see all the sights along the way. We chose to take a picnic that day but if you wish you can stop at one of the several restaurant docks along the way and grab some bites to take onboard. We saw many a paddle boat enthusiast, tour boats and big yachts, like really huge ones. We also saw the houseboat from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Houseboat living in Seattle is very popular and there are all kinds, shabby little ones that look like they are about to be swallowed up by the next storm and lovely modern ones with rooftop decks and colorful planters for all to enjoy. We saw a couple seaplanes from Kenmore Air take off and land. They can get you to the San Juan Islands in 45 minutes with lots of great views along way, but that’s a story for another day. Back onboard we took many a photo, had some great eats, drank some local wines and made plans for our next adventure together. When you visit Seattle you might consider The Electric Boat Company for a fun afternoon or evening exploring the Pacific Northwest…..

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