An Afternoon as a Seattle Tourist

Today was a warm 62 degrees so I decided to become a “Seattle Tourist for the Afternoon” and take a tour with Beneath the Streets, a small local tour company that offers 60 minute tours of the Pioneer Square area from underground at a very reasonable price. I caught the Sound Transit LightRail from the Tukwila Station,  just an 8 minute drive from The Guest House Bed & Breakfast here in Seattle and 20 minutes later I arrived at the Pioneer Square Station and walked just two short blocks to 1st & Cherry where Beneath the Streets is located. No need to worry about finding a parking place or dealing with traffic by taking the LightRail. The tour begins at their office which is very well decorated, definitely giving you a step back in time. I joined a small tour group to explore the Pioneer Square area from down-under which also included some street level history. We actually got to explored below the current sidewalks taking in mysterious passageways in Seattle’s Pioneer Square area rich in history after the Great Fire of 1889. Occasionally you could look up and see the sunshine peering through the beautiful purple rounds of glass in the skylights as pedestrians walked along the sidewalk above you.  Our tour guide Jerry shared with us a wealth of information and you could tell he has a love for Seattle and it’s history. As they advertise you encounter some great 1890’s architecture and plenty of “Only in Seattle” stories. The tour was educational and entertaining and it was fun to spend the afternoon exploring Seattle as a Tourist once again!

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